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Christine's Dilemma...
 Christine had gone to an automobile dealership over the weekend and had given in to the pressures of the salesperson. Now here she was on Monday morning wondering just what she had gotten  into.
Christine just leased a new car and she had no idea how much she had paid for it. The salesperson told her that the vehicle stickered for $17,900. He gave her a discount of $1,000 and a manufacturer's rebate of $500. She also put down $1,000 cash. The problem . . . she suspected that she actually financed more than $15,400 on the lease, but she did not know for sure. All that she knew was that the payment was $306 per month for 60 months. She called her bank and asked a loan officer how much the payments would be on a loan for $15,400 and 60 months. The payment was $317 per month. With her suspicions confirmed, she had him calculate a 60 month lease. The payment came to $250 per month.

Christine's lease contract was with a major national bank. After she called the bank, she determined that she actually financed $18,000 on the lease. You are probably asking, "How could this be?" Well, it's not hard for a salesperson to deceive you on a lease. The only things disclosed on lease contracts are: the payment, the term, the total of payments, capitalized cost, extended warranties, credit insurance, and (in most cases) the residual amount (the lease- end buy out).

Christine called the salesperson and asked how much she had financed. He told her $15,400. She also noticed an extended warranty was listed on the lease contract, but it did not indicate how much it cost. She asked the salesperson about the warranty and he said that the dealership provides the extra warranty for every vehicle. What she didn't know was that she actually paid for the extended warranty and that it was optional.

Christine wanted to know how she could get out of her lease contract. The only suggestion that the loan officer could make was for her to contact the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office, but there wasn't much that she could do. Once she signed the contract, she was committed to the agreement.

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When most people consider buying a new or used car the first thing that comes to mind is, "How much can we afford to pay each month?..." and this may be the only point that they negotiate. A good salesperson would love this type of person because they can just sell them on the low monthly payment of a lease. What the buyer does not know is that they are paying the maximum amount that the dealer can charge for that vehicle (or more). Not all dealers do this, but sometimes greed motivates them. If the buyer never questions the lease, he or she may never know that they are paying more.
This may have happened to you on a previous lease or finance contract and you never knew it. This doesn't make you stupid. It has happened to the most intelligent people. If only they were more informed about leasing and negotiating, then they could have saved themselves up to $5,000.
Do you know the eight points to negotiate on the purchase or lease of a new car???

Written by a professional automotive sales, leasing and finance manager, Auto Buyer Tools will give you the tools needed to negotiate the best deal and expose many profit centers that most people have no idea you can negotiate. It will show you that there is more to a purchase than dealing on the price, plus step-by-step examples to take the mystery out of calculating lease or finance payments. This book familiarizes you with auto and finance terminology as it guides you through the ins and outs of credit, financing, the various insurances, after-market add-ons, and extended warranties.

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